Anna McNaughton


Anna is a dedicated and seasoned mental health professional with eight years of experience in the field. Her belief in the grounding power of nature serves as the cornerstone of her therapeutic approach, as she works alongside individuals, particularly young adults, helping them navigate the intricacies of mental health.


By believing in the grounding power of nature, Anna can, regardless of her mental state, find solace in the natural world and view it as a constant source of rejuvenation that steadies her and helps her find balance.

Experience and Specialisation

With an impressive eight-year career in the mental health space, Anna has worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her recent focus involves working with young adults, addressing the impacts of mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and personality disorders. She also possesses a keen interest in guiding individuals through the complex terrain of grief and loss.


Anna’s therapeutic approach revolves around uncovering the strengths and unique interests of her clients to help guide sessions organically. This approach allows Anna and her clients to reflect not only their nature but also the environment and dynamics of their unique therapeutic relationship.

Values and Qualities

Authentic connection is at the core of Anna’s values. She advocates for honest engagement with clients and recognises that life doesn’t always go to plan. The best antidotes, Anna says, are companionship with others and nature, to hold us steady so we can approach all of life’s experiences with curiosity, care, and compassion.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Anna is passionate about nature. Whether it is walking, hiking, camping, or simply sitting in nature, she enjoys taking in the beauty of the outdoors. Anna also enjoys cooking, especially when she can use ingredients from her garden.


Anna’s overarching goal is to promote a reconnection with self and nature through immersive experiences. By leveraging the therapeutic power of nature and fostering authentic connections, she aims to guide individuals towards harmonious balance, ultimately promoting personal growth and well-being.

Qualification and Training

Anna is a highly qualified professional, holding a Master of Counselling from the University of Notre Dame. Her skills are further complemented by her certification in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

With her wealth of experience, specialised qualifications, and commitment to harnessing the therapeutic power of nature, Anna is uniquely equipped to guide individuals through the labyrinth of mental health challenges and is an invaluable part of the Back to Nature Ecotherapy team.