Carl Wilson


Carl is a passionate advocate for the healing power of nature and community connection. He firmly believes that spending time with people on the land is the most effective form of healing and growth for both individuals and communities. Drawing from his personal struggles with ADHD and PTSD, Carl brings a unique understanding that resonates with individuals, fostering a sense of empathy and trust.


In his ideal session, Carl incorporates a holistic approach that includes a check-in, warm-up/stretching, and, whenever possible, immersing individuals in the natural environment. Understanding that outdoor sessions may not always be feasible, he creatively explores ways to enhance the connection with the local area or home, ensuring a meaningful experience for those he supports.

Values and Qualities

Driven by a strong set of values, Carl actively participates in projects promoting bushland conservation and regeneration, as well as initiatives that strengthen community ties. Currently enrolled in the certificate IV in mental health at Mount Lawley TAFE, Carl is on a continuous journey of learning and growth, aspiring to start a Diploma in counselling this year.

Personal Interests

Beyond his professional pursuits, Carl is deeply passionate about sports such as skating and mountain biking, and finding relaxation in activities like bushwalking and snorkelling. A lover of the arts, he draws inspiration from playing music and writing. With a background as a panel beater by trade, Carl also indulges in the joy of restoration projects.

Goal and Mission

At the core of his mission, Carl seeks to enjoy life and share the journey of exploring potential with others. His goal is to create a positive impact on individuals and communities, fostering a sense of well-being and personal growth. Through his commitment to nature, community, and continuous learning, Carl is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those he supports.

Qualifications & Training:  

  • Currently enrolled in Certificate IV in Mental Health at Mount Lawley TAFE
  • Hoping to start a Diploma in Counselling in 2024