Dean Russell

Dean believes modern life carries with it a significant number of challenges and burdens that we endure day to day. As men, an unspoken responsibility exists to shoulder our struggles in silence, and by doing so, can cause suffering, depression, isolation and harm to ourselves and those we love. It is Dean’s hope to help individuals lessen the burden of modern life through honest, open, and committed engagement.

“My office is the natural environment, where we can work towards physical and mental harmony in a place of peace and safety”

Dean’s experience is grounded in helping men struggling with change, adversity, upheaval and a sense of feeling ‘stuck’ when faced with the numerous challenges life brings. Working with an individual to explore and navigate life’s hurdles is where Dean finds he can be most effective. This is aided by helping men reconnect with the natural environment.

One of Dean’s guiding rules is to initially take things slow and be guided by the person he is working with, hoping to learn about their life and get to know who they are in a broad sense. This allows Dean to better understand the unique complexities and challenges a person may face, and through open and honest dialogue can in time, begin to guide a session with purpose, understanding and towards goal driven outcomes.

“I strongly value perseverance, resilience, courage, honesty, independence, self-awareness, accountability and openness”

Dean has earned a Diploma of Counselling. This is backed by a wealth of lived experience, embracing and healing through a significant number of life’s challenges and adversities, common to many.