Group Programs

Thank you for your interest in Back to Nature Ecotherapy – Group Programs. Our transformative programs offer a nature-based, evidence-based therapeutic approach to support individuals in their journey towards holistic wellness.

Designed for individuals seeking to improve their emotional and psychological well-being and build better relationships, our Group Programs help participants discover their full potential. Through a series of interactive sessions, participants embark on a transformative exploration of self-discovery, facilitated by an experienced counsellor and disability support worker.

Available Courses: 

Inner Nature: Foundations Course

The Inner Nature Foundations Course empowers individuals to navigate their emotional landscape. Through a blend of experiential learning, practical skill development, and immersive outdoor activities, the program fosters self-discovery, social connection, and emotional intelligence in a supportive group environment.

This transformative program is designed for individuals seeking to improve their emotional and psychological well-being, build better relationships, and discover their full potential.

Next cohort starts: 17 July 2024

Applications close: 08 July 2024

Some of my clients struggle to leave their own homes. To now see them outdoors in nature and engaging with their therapist is remarkable. Back to Nature Ecotherapy’s approach has given many of my clients a new lease on life, one they thought was never possible!
NDIS Support Coordination Team Leader

I think it’s working good, I have done my two main goals already and I feel at peace most of the time now. I like how I’m given options on what I want to do for every session.

  • Nathan, 24

I’ve gone 38 days without using. Back to Nature Ecotherapy helped me understand why I got addicted and who I was being. Having purpose in my life makes it easier this time.
Daniel, 37

My counsellors have been great and help me to find the answers for myself. Being in the bush has been good too, it just seems to make everything easier and nicer. Much better than other therapy styles I’ve done that are more clinical. 

  • Sarah, 26

Some of the activities I’ve done have been really cool and things I wouldn’t normally do. I feel like I’ve got more confidence since starting with Back to Nature Ecotherapy.
James, 24

I am proud of how far I’ve come. It’s an exciting feeling, like I’ve found my place in the world. The support from Back to Nature Ecotherapy has been a really great.

  • Mark, 42

Exploring all the different hikes and waterfalls is really cool! I didn’t know there were so many places like this near where I live.
Tyler, 17

I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and never thought I’d find something that helps me feel calm. Being outside and talking to people has definitely helped me and made me stronger. 

  • Emily, 29

The team at Back to Nature Ecotherapy helped me see how I was thinking about myself and my life. I am now more comfortable with myself and my relationships with others are heaps better now

  • Bryan, 34