Alan Moloney

Alan is a dedicated Trauma Therapist who brings a unique and compassionate approach to healing that stems from his profound belief in the innate healing ability within each individual. Grounded in the conviction that recovery from trauma, mental illness, and addiction is fostered through community and connection—with self, others, spirituality, and nature—Alan is committed to guiding his clients on a transformative journey. 

With a diverse background in psychology and counselling along with extensive training in therapeutic modalities such as EMDR, Imagery Rescripting, and MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy, Alan specialises in working with individuals facing complex trauma and PTSD. 

Goal / Mission:

Alan’s mission is to guide his clients in living their best lives, tailored to their unique aspirations and goals, within the supportive community he contributes to.


Alan firmly upholds the belief that everyone possesses an inherent healing ability and that the path to recovery from trauma, mental illness, and addiction is paved through fostering connections with oneself, others, spirituality, and nature.


Currently serving as a Trauma Therapist at the Pax Centre, Alan specialises in treating individuals with complex trauma/PTSD. His preferred clientele often comprises those who have not responded to conventional treatments, including adolescents and individuals deemed “lost causes” by others. Drawing from both professional expertise and lived experience, Alan is not only a Trauma Therapist but also a beacon of hope, employing a strength-based approach to instil belief, motivation, and agency in his clients’ pursuit of healing.

With a background spanning suicide counselling for high school students, supporting homeless youth, and extensive experience in community mental health and addiction treatment, Alan is well-positioned to aid clients in their journey of healing and recovery, but more importantly, help them to develop a sense of agency over their mental health and life in general.


In his therapeutic sessions, Alan focuses on building relationships, allowing his clients to start telling THEIR stories. Helping clients with their mindset when it comes to their mental health is a large part of how Alan helps build hope and motivation, constantly emphasising the fact that healing and recovery is possible for everyone. 

Values & Qualities:

Integrity, courage, and compassion are the core values that drive Alan’s passion for his work. He brings a unique perspective to reframing trauma as a narrative of strength and resilience, fostering hope in his clients. Using his own lived experience of trauma recovery, Alan desires to help as many people as he can in the same way that he was.


Alan’s interests include running and exercise, which he believes is one of the best ways of improving mental health. He also enjoys connecting with nature through gardening and mycology and has an interest in the healing power of music. His belief in giving back through volunteering aligns with his approach to helping clients build connections, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose.

Qualification & Training:

  • Bachelor of Counselling and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology
  • ongoing training in 
    • EMDR
    • Imagery Rescripting 
    • Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
  • His diverse training also includes: 
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Stages of Change 
    • Schema Therapy