David Hansen

David recognises that there is a difference between our “normalised” and “natural” selves and that our deepest personal evolution of our life journey can arise from authentically facing our most difficult challenges with compassion and curiosity.

With experience working with men from a range of backgrounds and assisting them with their life challenges, David utilises a deeply safe and non-judgmental space to invite all aspects of a client. This allows all current and past challenges to be explored collaboratively with a sense of trust, compassion, and acceptance, allowing for practical steps forward into self-empowerment by identifying and utilising a client’s innate strengths and motivation.   

“My core values are a love of truth, wholeness, awareness, perception, care, and empathy”

David’s personal interests include exploring and integrating his own, and the collective understanding of the human condition; and its various aspects of body, mind, heart, energy, spirit, and holistic experience. David does this through yoga, men’s circles, mixed circles, ecstatic dance, chanting and singing, gardening, family life, critical thinking, and acts of service.  

David’s goal in life is to bring in more truth, love, awareness, and perception into everyday reality by holding space for the entirety of each moment; whether that is with people, places, our environment, and community.

Qualifications & Training

  • Cert IV in Mental Health and professional advocacy training