Gabbi Fusco


Gabbi is a passionate music therapist who believes that anyone can enjoy and benefit from music, regardless of their background or experience. She sees music as a powerful tool for healing and empowerment and uses a variety of approaches, including song-sharing, playing instruments, singing, songwriting, and music creation, to help her clients connect with music and improve their overall well-being.

Experience and Specialization

Gabbi has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds, from mothers and babies to older adults. She is particularly passionate about community mental health care and creates a safe and open space for clients to explore their connections with music. 

What sets Gabbi apart is her unique perspective. Having been on the receiving end of mental health care, she deeply understands the impact it can have, both positively and negatively. This personal experience informs her passionate commitment to community mental health care.


Gabbi builds on clients’ interests and strengths to make music a valuable tool for them. She knows that music can be deeply personal and even vulnerable for many people, and has the power to convey emotions and stories in ways that words often can’t. Her approach is easy-going and flexible, creating a safe and open environment for clients to explore, encouraging personal exploration and the use of music as a resource that can be accessed outside of therapy.

Values and Qualities

At the heart of Gabbi’s values are genuineness, sincerity, open-mindedness, and curiosity. She approaches her work and her interactions with kindness and without judgment, making her a trusted guide for her clients. Gabbi’s life philosophy is rooted in creativity and embracing the extraordinary. She prioritises happiness and self-fulfilment.


Gabbi’s ultimate goal is to make music and musical activities as accessible resources for supporting health and well-being within the community. She is determined to empower people to care for themselves and one another through music. 

We’re thrilled to have Gabbi as a valuable addition to the Back to Nature Ecotherapy team and are excited to see her make a profound impact on our clients and the community. Her commitment to enriching lives through music therapy is infectious and she is a true advocate for the power of music to heal and connect people.

Qualifications & Training 

  • Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) 
  • Master of Music Therapy – 2021
  • Bachelor of Music: Composition and Music Production (Hons.) – 2017