Karen Brown

Karen Brown is a counsellor with nearly 10 years of experience working in the disability and aged care sectors, supporting individuals and families of all genders and ages.

With the lived experience of caring for a person with a disability, Karen finds it a privilege to support individuals and their families to implement changes in their lives that meet their therapeutic and personal goals. She is a gentle and respectful practitioner who values each client as unique, with their own story and sense of self, and tailors sessions to the individual.

Karen believes that we are all genetically designed to connect with the natural world and that the human-animal bond is an important aspect of this process.

“Anyone who has ever had an animal companion will agree that the companionship of an animal can provide affection, acceptance, physical touch, a sense of meaning and purpose and be an important part of a person’s support network”

Karen can work with her accredited therapy dog Luna, when appropriate, or integrate an individual’s own animals into the session. Of course, Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and nature activities can take many forms and animal related activities may not always involve a living animal. As humans we have always expressed our connection to the natural word through stories, art, and symbols, so we are only limited by our shared creativity and imagination.

With a Bachelor of Counselling from the University of Notre Dame and a Certified Animal Assisted Psychotherapist, Karen is registered with the Australian Counselling Association (level 3) and a professional member of Animal Therapies Limited.

In her spare time Karen loves spending time with her family, both human and animal, or volunteering with Companion Animals WA. She is a keen gardener, bushwalker, and generally “needs” time in the natural world to nourish and recharge her soul.

“Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their hearts. Sit with them kindly and they will help you locate yours.”

Qualifications & Training:

  • Bachelor of Counselling from the University of Notre Dame
  • Certified Animal Assisted Psychotherapist
  • Registered with the Australian Counselling Association (level 3)
  • Professional Member of Animal Therapies Limited