Kath Grimbly

Kath believes that humans all have a fundamental need for connection; to others, ourselves, our community and the world, and our sense of well-being thrives when we feel connected.

Kath has experience working with various clients and specialises in people who prefer an outdoor counselling space and enjoy being in nature.

“I tailor all my sessions to the individual and generally include walking, talking, exploring, and enjoying a natural area near your home. I can also explore a variety of nature-based mindfulness and meditation practices to help you relax, be present, and connect with nature and yourself”

Kath takes a holistic perspective to health, acknowledging that our mental, physical, and environmental health are all linked. For anyone looking to explore how they can support their mental health through good nutrition, Kath also offers sessions to show you how to cook healthy and delicious meals.

Kath values the uniqueness of each individual and seeks to guide you to discover the wonder that is your unique self, and what gift you have to offer to the world by nurturing that self in body, mind and spirit.

With a love of spending time in nature, walking, hiking, relaxing, and rock climbing, Kath is passionate about healthy cooking and enjoys growing herbs and vegetables at home. In her spare time, Kath loves spending time with friends and family, and has an eleven-year-old daughter whom she adores.

Kath’s two main goals in life are: to be happy and fulfilled, and to help the world become a more peaceful place where people experience a greater sense of well-being and take better care of the natural environment, so that the natural environment can continue taking good care of us long into the future.

Qualifications & Training: 

  • Master in Counselling from the University of Notre Dame
  • Diploma in Nature Based Therapy from Nature Based Therapy