Naveen Veluppillai

Naveen is a passionate nature-based support mentor at Back to Nature Ecotherapy who brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for natural health and well-being to his role.

Specialising in support work and respite care, Naveen has experience immersing young people in nature, assisting with appointments, and preparing nutritious meals. He also extends his support to aged care, where he takes care of cleaning and grocery shopping, aligning his actions with the principles of living in accordance with natural laws.

My mission is to reconnect the younger generation with nature and the outdoors and help them align their lifestyles with nature to improve their physical and mental health while boosting their self-esteem.

Naveen’s approach revolves around outdoor activities and spending time in nature. He believes that movement and physical activity is essential for holistic well-being. His commitment to providing high-quality, nourishing foods for regeneration is evident in his work.

What sets Naveen apart are his values and qualities. He firmly believes in living in harmony with natural laws, respecting the circadian rhythm, and pursuing sobriety. He encourages mindfulness when it comes to consumption, whether it’s food or excessive use of social media.

Qualifications & training: 

  • Certificate III in Community Services¬†