Rochelle Smith

Rochelle Smith brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to fostering holistic well-being through her work as a support worker and social worker. With a focus on nature-based practices and a warm, strengths-based approach, Rochelle creates a safe space for individuals to explore new possibilities for personal growth. Her dedication to nature connection and her belief in the healing powers of being in nature drive her mission to support others in finding balance, healing, and connection.


Rochelle believes that our connection to nature fosters increased awareness of ourselves, our relationships, and our wider environment. This interconnectedness with the living world enhances our sense of belonging and identity.

Experience / Specialisation

Rochelle has worked as a support worker and social worker in New Zealand and Australia, specialising in mental health, harmful substance use, young parents, children and families, and survivors of sexual harm. She has supported individuals through challenges, guided them towards healing, and empowered them to live healthy, whole lives.


Rochelle creates a safe space where individuals can be heard without judgment and move at their own pace. She values each person’s story and brings a warm, strengths-based approach to her work. Rochelle introduces nature-based practices to explore new possibilities for personal growth, emphasising mindfulness and considering alternative approaches to achieving goals.

Values / Qualities

Rochelle values acceptance, trust, and honesty as the foundations for building relationships. She empowers individuals to find their voice, achieve balance in life, and navigate through change.

Qualifications / Training

Rochelle holds a Bachelor of Social and Community Work and is a certified Forest Therapy Guide. She is committed to ongoing professional learning and development to support wellbeing and healing.


Rochelle enjoys bushwalking and exploring the natural beauty of Western Australia, recognising the physical and mental health benefits of connecting with nature. She is dedicated to her own personal growth and continues to explore ways to support wellbeing and healing.

Goal / Mission

Rochelle’s mission is to encourage nature connection and help people discover the healing powers of being in nature. She believes in the reciprocity of our relationship with nature and strives to foster care for the environment while promoting personal wellbeing.