Welcome to Noongar season, Djeran!

Dated: 23 May 2024


As the intense heat of summer slowly softens into the cool embrace of autumn, we welcome the Noongar season of Djeran. This period, typically spanning April to May, holds a special place in the hearts of the Noongar community, as it marks a time of transition and change in the natural world. 

As with all Noongar seasons, perceptible changes in the local environment mark this seasonal shift. During Djeran, the winds start to blow cool and southerly, and as the season progresses, the evenings become cold and damp. Have you stepped outside in the morning and found delicate dew drops lacing a nearby tree? Or have you started to enjoy that lovely feeling of being able to snuggle up in bed on a cool night? Well, that’s Djeran!

As you travel around the Perth area you may notice vibrant shades of red emerging from the landscape. Djeran is a time of red flowers, especially from the red flowering gum (Corymbia Ficifolia), as well as the smaller flowers of the summer flame (Beaufortia aestiva). The male and female she-oaks (Allocasuarina fraseriana) are now dusted in an abundance of ‘rusty’ toned pollen. These mirror the colours we traditionally associate with autumn – those warm and lively shades of golden orange and red.

Djeran is a season of balance, where the hot, dry days of summer begin to give way to cooler temperatures and occasionally, some refreshing rains. The land comes alive with the vibrant colours of blooming native wildflowers, signalling a time of renewal and growth. The Noongar people see Djeran as a time to reflect on the past year, to give thanks for the bounties of the land, and to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

This is a beautiful time of year to reflect on what balance means to you, where your life is and isn’t in balance, and perhaps, to creatively reflect on some ways that you could support your own balance, renewal and growth. Djeran is a time of preparation, where the Noongar people would traditionally burn small patches of land to encourage new growth and replenish the soil. What can you let go of during this season and what can you prepare, to allow yourself to experience new growth?

As we journey through the season of Djeran, let us take a moment to reflect on the wisdom of the Noongar people and their deep connection to the land. By listening to the teachings of the land and following the guidance of the seasons, we can cultivate a deeper appreciation for the natural world and all it has to offer. So, as we bid farewell to the enduring heat of summer and welcome this cool change, let us remember the lessons of Djeran and strive to live in harmony with the changing seasons of life.