Finding your Spark in Nature

Dated: 8 December 2023


An article by nature-based counsellor, Tim Roberts.

In the quiet embrace of nature’s beauty, there exists an unspoken wisdom – a refuge where flames flicker not just in the wildfires but within each of us. As the holiday season dances upon us, let’s embark on a journey to find that spark amidst the fiery theme of the season.

With the year drawing to a close, the intensity of festivities often distracts us from the present moment. Yet, among the bustle and the lights, I encourage a pause – a mindful breath in the warm summer air, an attentive gaze at the wind across water.

Here’s a quick practice for anyone to try: Find a comfy spot outside, even if it’s just by an open window. Take a deep breath and tune in to your senses. What do you hear, see, smell? Notice the leaves rustling, the birds chirping, or the fresh air. Take it all in, slowly, at your own pace.

This simple act of paying attention – being present in the moment – is a key aspect of mindfulness. And guess what? It’s super beneficial too! It can calm the mind, reduce stress in the body, and build connection to the world around us.

Now, the best part? You can do this anytime, anywhere! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried mindfulness before or if you’re dealing with some challenges. The natural world is here for everyone.

With nature as our peaceful guide, we’re inviting you on a journey – to look within our environment and ourselves, to find that spark, and to celebrate the beauty of being connected. As we step into the season, let’s fan the flames inside us, nurturing our strength, hope, and understanding of ourselves.

Together, we embrace the gentle warmth of the present moment and find peace in the dance of the nature around us.

About our author:

Tim is a very talented artist, musician, and counsellor. If you’d like to book a session with him, we encourage you to check out his profile and get in touch with us today